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Test of English Language Proficiency (TELP)

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As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the concerns for the health and safety of our guests and campus community, our OSU-Tulsa staff is working remotely. We want to assist you and will continue to work to meet your needs by email, telephone or virtual appointment.​ Visit this web page for the most up-to-date service information and to make an appointment.


The TELP fee is $50 and is payable to OSU-Tulsa. Students may pay this fee at the Testing Center when they arrive to take their exam. The fee must be paid by cashier’s check, money order or credit card.


We prefer that students register at least the day before the exam is scheduled for administration, but if they are unable to do so they may register when they come to take the exam. Students will need to arrive at the Testing Center at least 20 minutes early for registration.

Required Identification

Students must present a current passport at the time of registration. There are no exceptions to this form of identification.


The TELP exam will be given on specified dates before Spring and Fall semesters. Contact the Testing Center for upcoming dates. Students should check in at the Testing Center; they will be directed to the testing room at that time. Test results are usually available approximately five days after the exam has been taken. Contact the Testing Center to confirm scores have arrived or to pick them up.

Make-up Examinations

For students not on campus for the original test date, two alternate make-up test dates will be provided. Registration and the make-up test will take place in the Testing Center. Students may register up to 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the test. Students taking the make-up exam will be required to register for and attend English 0003 until test results are available.


The Test of English Language Proficiency (TELP) assesses the academic English skills necessary for students to function well in graduate-level university classes. It has two parts: a listening subtest and a reading-writing subtest.

Part 1: Listening Subtest

The Listening Subtest requires you to listen to a recorded passage on an academic topic and to write word-for-word what the speaker says. You will have 20 minutes to complete this section.

Your responses will be graded on your ability to correctly write down the content of the passage. You should listen carefully and be sure to write the exact words in the specific grammatical forms in which they are spoken.

Part 2: Reading-Writing Subtest

The Reading-Writing Subtest requires you to read two passages and to write a brief summary of specific parts of each passage. You will have 50 minutes to complete this task.

The passages discuss different academic topics and are written in the style of an academic publication. Each passage is approximately 600 to 650 words in length and may include a related table or figure. Your task is to read each passage and then write a summary of the specific parts of the passage relevant to the question that follows it. In order to complete the task efficiently, you should follow these steps:

  1. Read the passage through quickly once for general understanding.
  2. Read the question following the passage.
  3. Read the passage again, focusing on the parts that are relevant to the question.
  4. Write the summary, focusing on the most important information.

Make sure your summary addresses the question specifically and does not include information from the passage that is not related to the question.

Your summary should:

  • be between 50 and 100 words.
  • show a general understanding of the passage.
  • include only the most important ideas from the parts of the passage needed to answer the question.
  • omit unnecessary detail.
  • omit general information from the passage that is not related to the question.

It is very important that your summary be written in your own words. Do not copy phrases or sentences directly from the passage.

Scoring Information

The maximum score on each subtest is 100 points. A score of 70 or higher on each subtest is required to demonstrate academic English proficiency. Students who have a score below 70 on either subtest are required to enroll in an English course (ENGL 0003) designed to help improve their academic English proficiency. This is a university policy; see the OSU Catalog for details.