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Transfer Map: Your map. Your degree. Your career. | Major | Applied transfer credit | Professional goals

TCC to OSU Transfer Maps

Many community college students want to earn a bachelor’s degree but end up wasting time and money taking classes that don’t count toward their four-year degree.

OSU-Tulsa’s Transfer Maps eliminate that obstacle. Transfer Maps help you take the right courses for the right degree program to reach your professional goals.

What that means: If you follow the course plan outlined on the Transfer Map and verified by your OSU-Tulsa academic counselor, your credits will transfer toward the specified OSU degree, in Tulsa or Stillwater.

Map your way to your career with information on graduate programs, employers and salaries – so you know where you’re going before you take a single course.

Your map. Your degree. Your career.

Transfer Maps Available at OSU-Tulsa

Don't see your desired degree program on this list? Make an appointment with an OSU-Tulsa academic counselor, and they can help you create a transfer plan that fits your professional goals.

A transfer map has two parts:

  • A major map that contains program information, course examples, requirements, costs, timeline, graduate program options, and career and salary information.
  • A course map that shows the classes that transfer into your desired OSU program.

Aviation Sciences Technology/Management (TCC) to
Aerospace Administration and Operations - Aviation Management option (OSU)

Aviation Sciences Technology/Management (TCC) to 
Aerospace Administration and Operations - Technical Services Management option (OSU)

Computer Information Systems (TCC) to 
Computer Science (OSU)

Elementary Education (TCC) to 
Elementary Education (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
Finance (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
General Business (OSU)

Health and Human Performance (TCC) to 
Health Education and Promotion - Exercise and Health option (OSU)

Health and Human Performance (TCC) to 
Health Education and Promotion - Public Health option (OSU)

Psychology (TCC) to 
Human Development and Family Science - Child and Family Services option (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
International Business (OSU)

Paralegal Studies (TCC) to 
Liberal Studies - Paralegal Studies option (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
Management (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
Management Science and Information Systems (OSU)

Business Administration (TCC) to 
Marketing (OSU)

Political Science (TCC) to 
Political Science (OSU)


Additional Transfer Maps Available at OSU

Psychology (TCC) to 
Psychology (OSU)

Sociology (TCC) to 
Applied Sociology (OSU)

Sociology (TCC) to 
Sociology (OSU)

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