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President's Leadership Society

First Row: (left to right) Sean Pelkey, Cherliesa Boyd, Bailey Mathes, Howard Barnett, Bessy Valera, Saqib Raza. Second Row:  (left to right)  Anna Grose, Brynna Burnett, Brittany Grounds, Harley Thomas, Jacob Ramsey, Sarah Turnbow, Christa Montgomery, Ben Abshire. Third Row: (left to right)  Matthew Moran, Cory Sales, Hannah Merrill, Meagan Schoch, Rachel Millea, Cathy Cisneros, Taylor Finley, Candace Lamkin, Sheryll Howell, Zachary McCaslin. Fourth Row: (left to right) Zach Shreffler, Ryan Cherry, Amairani Perez, Lisa Leonenko, Micalin Lawson, Rachel Yu, Ian Howard, LaDonna Diaz, Jordan Morris, Rebecca Pearce, Lindsey Dennison. Fifth Row:  (left to right) Jason Chambliss, Rannek Murray, Derek Altman, Joshua Gallagher, Michael Rivera. Amanda Thompson is not pictured.

The President’s Leadership Society (PLS) is an elite leadership group of high-caliber students who receive recognition, opportunities and mentoring during their time at OSU-Tulsa. Membership is free and is by invitation only. Invitees will be receive a letter in the mail notifying them of their eligibility.

As benefits of membership, PLS students:

  • Receive special assistance with career and leadership development
  • Are introduced to prominent OSU alumni
  • Are provided with opportunities to network with Tulsa leaders
  • Attend seminars on business etiquette, resume building, interviewing

PLS students will also receive a polo shirt identifying them as a unique group of individuals on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

Membership criteria:

PLS students must:

  • Take a minimum of six credit hours of coursework on the OSU-Tulsa campus
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher at OSU
  • Demonstrate good conduct
  • Commit to attending PLS meetings (Meeting schedule is distributed to all invitees.)

For More Information

For more information about the President's Leadership Society, email advisor Dr. Raj Basu at