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Oklahoma State University in Tulsa takes acts of sexual harassment, which include sexual violence, extremely seriously and believes that victim is many. The following information, consistent with U.S. Department of Education Title IX guidance, provides details on the university response, resources, and remedies to sexual violence. The university hopes that you will help us in our efforts to maintain a safe and productive environment for all members of our community to live, learn and be successful by uniting as a community committed to ending sexual violence and sexual harassment.  

Sexual harassment and sexual violence are forms of gender discrimination that are not tolerated at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. The university strongly encourages victims to report all acts of gender discrimination. Additionally, this booklet explains the process of filing a formal complaint with Student Conduct as well as with the OSU-Tulsa Police Department. Please be aware that even if an individual chooses not to file a formal complaint, interim measures or actions by the university such as changing academic schedules may be taken to provide safety for the victim in the educational setting.

Oklahoma State University, as an equal opportunity employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action.  Oklahoma State University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all individuals and does not discriminate based on race, religion, age, sex, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, or veteran status with regard to employment, educational programs and activities, and/or admissions.  For more information, visit https:///

Where it is determined that sexual misconduct is more likely than not to have occurred, university conduct sanctions can include suspension. Even if law enforcement and criminal justice authorities choose not to prosecute a particular incident, the university may still pursue the incident through the student conduct process. All student conduct processes are separate from law enforcement investigations. In instances where gender discrimination is not addressed through the student conduct system, the university still has the obligation under Title IX to take immediate action to eliminate the harassment, prevent its recurrence and address its effects irrespective of formal legal processes.