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Environmental Science with Regulatory Certifications

Students participating in the HAZWOPER course at OSU-Tulsa

The graduate certificate in Environmental Science with Regulatory Certifications is offered at OSU-Tulsa. The certificate program fulfills three federally mandated requirements for students looking for a career in environmental science while providing a recognized graduate credential from a research university.

The graduate certificate coursework incorporates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Occupational, Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) certification requirements. OSU is the only university in the State of Oklahoma that offers all four certifications for graduate credit. Each course is designed to also meet and fulfill federal and state environmental, safety and transportation regulations.

There is no entrance exam required, and the graduate certificate is federal financial aid eligible.

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Required Courses

  • ENVR 5593: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • ENVR 5303: Issues in Environmental Sustainability
  • ENVR 5573: Applied Standards for Environmental Managers
  • ENVR 5583: Safety Aspects for Environmental Managers

The coursework also fulfills OSHA’s “Safety for General Industry” safety training recommendations with the “Safety Aspects for Environmental Managers” class. Although this OSHA training is technically voluntary, many employers, corporations, state and federal agencies and work unions require this training to work on job sites and to fulfill their safety training goals.

Credits earned with the graduate certificate in Environmental Science with Regulatory Certifications can be applied toward OSU-Tulsa’s Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Science, a degree program that emphasizes practical training for careers in environmental health and safety.  

The graduate certificate is designed as a stand-alone program, but students may also enroll in these courses as part of their regular master’s degree program.


A Program for Working Professionals

  • No graduate admissions exam (GRE, GMAT) required
  • No thesis required
  • Classes meet one evening per week
  • Conveniently located downtown Tulsa campus


About OSU-Tulsa

As a metropolitan, urban-serving research university located in Tulsa's Greenwood District, OSU-Tulsa offers Oklahoma State University’s world-class programs in a downtown setting. OSU-Tulsa students graduate with the same OSU degree that students in Stillwater receive. 

Students generally transfer to OSU-Tulsa with an associate's degree or at least 45 credit hours from another institution. The majority of our students take their first two years at Tulsa Community College or another local two- or four-year school, but students have transferred to OSU-Tulsa from colleges and universities across the country.

OSU-Tulsa’s location adds to the value of that degree by giving our students access to the internship and volunteer opportunities, cultural attractions and social scene that come with an urban campus.

Since many of OSU-Tulsa's students are working adults, we offer class schedules, course formats and amenities to support their success. We also offer the convenience of Tulsa-based student services including:


Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Michael Thayer is director of the environmental science PSM program at OSU-Tulsa.  Prior to his appointment as director, he spent over 25 years in the environmental, health, and safety field working for a global manufacturing and service company.  Dr. Thayer has taught graduate-level and professional development courses for OSU since 2011. 

Dr. Thayer’s primary areas of teaching focus are regulatory compliance, environmental and safety management, and industrial sustainability.



Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty are working professionals in their fields of expertise and have a range of real-world experiences that they bring directly to our students. This practical and hands-on approach to graduate education creates graduates with skills that are immediately transferrable to the workforce and sought after by employers.

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