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City of Tulsa and Tulsa County Employees Scholarship

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OSU-Tulsa is offering a tuition waiver to City of Tulsa and Tulsa County employees. They can receive a tuition waiver equal to half of their tuition costs for up to six credit hours a semester at OSU-Tulsa. More than 80 OSU degrees are available on the Tulsa campus.

Requirements for this special tuition waiver are listed below:

  • Work full-time as a City of Tulsa and/or Tulsa County Employee;
  • Admitted to OSU to an OSU degree program.  Students in "Non-degree" or "Special Student" status will be eligible to receive the tuition waiver for one semester.
  • Complete an OSU-Tulsa City of Tulsa and Tulsa County Employee Tuition Waiver Application for each semester enrolled.
  • Employees meeting published criteria will qualify to receive a tuition waiver of 50 percent of the tuition for up to six hours per semester. The employee/student will be responsible for the other 50 percent of tuition and all fees.
  • The tuition waiver is for classes taken at OSU-Tulsa* only.
  • Employees/students must remain in good academic standing, as defined by their academic program, to remain eligible for future tuition waivers.



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