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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Health and Human Performance Lab

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma pledged $250,000 to OSU-Tulsa for scholarships and the creation of a lab for students studying public health.

OSU-Tulsa created the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Health and Human Performance Lab with $150,000 of the gift. The funds will be used to purchase $50,000 in new lab equipment and create a $100,000 endowment that will provide ongoing maintenance to the lab.

The lab is the only lab of its kind in the Tulsa area.

The remaining $100,000 of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma gift will create student scholarships and will be matched at a rate of two-to-one by OSU alumnus T. Boone Pickens as part of the $100 million Pickens Legacy Scholarship Match program. Therefore, when fully funded, the scholarship portion of the gift will provide $300,000 in endowed scholarship funds for OSU-Tulsa students.

Scholarship recipients will complete 20 hours of community service or an internship each semester in a health-related field for a non-profit organization, public school, church or similar agency within a five-mile radius of OSU-Tulsa.



OSU-Tulsa students earning a public health (formerly health education and promotion) degree learn to help individuals make personal choices and lifestyle changes to obtain optimal health. Graduates enjoy inspiring careers in hospitals, corporate or school wellness programs, health departments and fitness centers while improving the health of individuals and communities in Oklahoma and beyond.



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