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OSU-Tulsa Marketing and Communications Services

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa's in-house Marketing and Communications Services team works with our staff and faculty to recruit students, keep our students and community engaged with our campus and enhance OSU's reputation in the Tulsa metro area.

We work closely with Brand Management in Stillwater to ensure all projects produced on our campus align with OSU brand standards and compliment university messaging. We enjoy working with our colleagues to help you reach your goals.

If you work or teach at OSU-Tulsa, we're looking forward to collaborating with you on your marketing and communications needs. This page gives a brief outline of what we do and how to start a marketing/communications project. We hope to hear from you soon!

Looking for OSU Center for Health Sciences (the medical school) External Affairs? Visit their website here.

Service Requests

Use this form to start the conversation and gives us basic information about your needs. We'll be in touch to get more details from you.

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For additional questions, contact:

Patti Conroy, Project Coordinator


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 If you're inquiring about an event space or a photo/video release, check out our forms page.

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Media Inquiries

Aaron Campbell, Communications Coordinator


What We Do

Branding and Identity: We will work with you to come up with a distinctive name, look and feel for your event or initiative that fits within official OSU brand standards and correct trademarking. This could also include creating a graphic identifier that can be used on t-shirts, promotional materials and other items. 

Business cards and letterhead: If you are looking to create and order business cards or document templates, we will assist with that. We will fit your information in with OSU’s brand standard templates. We can also assist with ordering name tags, desk plates and other items. 

Emergency communications: In case of an emergency, you will receive timely and informative alerts on your phone so you know exactly what to do for next steps. 

Event planning: We can book an optimal space to host your meeting or event based on your details and needs. Depending on the room, we have spaces that can hold groups from 1 to 370 people. The rooms are also equipped with computers, projectors and microphones as needed. Check out our Meeting and Event Space Request Form.

Internal communications: If you have news or a message that needs to be shared and made aware to the campus, we can find the best way to get the word out. We facilitate campus-wide internal communications from leadership, as well as other departments as needed. We also produce and distribute The Current, OSU-Tulsa's official campus e-newsletter.

Marketing: We develop OSU-Tulsa general marketing content and enrollment messaging. We work closely with our academic offices and Brand Management to recruit and retain students and manage our reputation. Some tactics we use include print and digital advertising, billboards, sponsorships, promotional items and email marketing.

Media relations: If you have an event, story or announcement that you’d like to get out to the public, we can help you with that! We will work with you to create and distribute media items such as news releases, articles, news appearances.

Print and digital advertising: We can produce a variety of promotional pieces based on where you’d like to advertise. Items such as flyers, posters, banners, displays and more can be executed and distributed digitally or as hard copies. 

Signage: We design and produce temporary and permanent signage for campus such as banners, room signage and temporary signage. We work closely with OSU-Tulsa Facilities Management to ensure a consistent and cohesive look to our campus. 

Social media: OSU-Tulsa’s social media channels are managed through our office. Connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Snapchat. We also assist other Tulsa-based OSU entities with their content and strategies. 

Video production: Video is a great way to get your message across to an audience and bring a vision to life. If you have a message, event, announcement, or anything else you'd like to be produced via video; we can work with you. 

Website content and design: Our office manages OSU-Tulsa’s web calendar and university web pages. It’s common for a website to need an update whether that’s a new layout of the contents, updated contact information or a new image. Reach out to us and we can spruce up your page.