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Research at OSU-Tulsa

Research is an integral part of the mission for OSU-Tulsa and adds significantly to the academic environment. It keeps faculty in the mainstream of current knowledge and offers faculty and students a different learning experience in addition to classroom work. Major research areas include engineering, human sciences, education and business.

Research Centers at OSU-Tulsa

Research Partnerships

OSU is involved in the Tulsa Research Partners group, an independent research consortium created to impact multidisciplinary collaborations and award research grants to support technology development projects in software, IT cyber-security, advanced materials, telecom, bio-life and alternative energy sciences. The Research Partners are part of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute, which is a non-profit corporation committed to building an innovative economy in the Tulsa region.  The Institute fosters collaborative research and development, entrepreneurship, company creation and retention, life-long learning and creative, future-oriented thinking.  The objectives are driven by private sector, government and philanthropic partnerships.

OSU-Tulsa Research News