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A Black female social worker takes notes while talking to a White woman and two young children, all of whom have blond hair and are sitting closely together on a couch.

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Sociology helps you see the world through different perspectives to develop a global, multicultural understanding. This degree program is ideal for those seeking careers in social services, law or social justice. At OSU-Tulsa you will gain the tools for contributing productively and living in a changing world.

Sociology majors are competitive candidates in any career path involving creativity, critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, communication skills and the ability to work on diverse teams.

Courses May Include:

  • Social Problems
  • Theoretical Thinking in Sociology
  • Social Research Methods
  • Quantitative Methods in Sociology
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology of Aging

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Sociology at OSU-Tulsa

Transfer Maps

How Long will it Take?

Use this chart below to see how long it will take you to complete your bachelor’s degree at OSU-Tulsa if you transfer with an associate degree or 60 credit hours from a two-year institution. If you transfer with fewer than 60 credit hours, the number of semesters will increase accordingly.

Credit Hours/Semester Semesters (est.)
6 10
9 7
12 5
15 4

How Much Will it Cost?

OSU is one of the best values in the Big 12 and has lower tuition and fees than many Tulsa-area schools and online-only institutions. OSU-Tulsa offers financial aid, scholarships and tuition waivers, with several dedicated specifically to transfer students.

OSU Tuition and Fees Estimator

Contact the OSU-Tulsa Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to learn more.

Career Paths

  • Probation Officer
  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Worker
  • Youth Outreach Advocate
  • Public Health Educator
  • Medical Sociologist
  • Census Researcher
  • Forensic Science
  • Community Organizer
  • Public Relations
  • Dispatcher

Potential Employers

  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches and Ministries
  • Behavioral Research
  • Data Science
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Market Research
  • Hospitals and Health Centers

About OSU-Tulsa

As a metropolitan, urban-serving research university located in Tulsa's Greenwood District, OSU-Tulsa offers Oklahoma State University’s world-class programs in a downtown setting. OSU-Tulsa students graduate with the same OSU degree that students in Stillwater receive. 

Students generally transfer to OSU-Tulsa with an associate degree or at least 45 credit hours from another institution. The majority of our students take their first two years at Tulsa Community College or another local two- or four-year school, but students have transferred to OSU-Tulsa from colleges and universities across the country.

OSU-Tulsa’s location adds to the value of that degree by giving our students access to the internship and volunteer opportunities, cultural attractions and social scene that come with an urban campus.

Since many of OSU-Tulsa's students are working adults, we offer class schedules, course formats and amenities to support their success. We also offer the convenience of Tulsa-based student services including:

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