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Tuition and Fees Details

Fall 2020/Spring 2021

These figures are subject to change without notice, as provided by University Board of Regents and OSRHE policies. Read more about tuition and fees at the OSU Office of the Bursar website.

Tuition/Fees Estimator


Tuition by Level & Oklahoma Residency Per Credit Hour Amount 
Undergraduate Resident Tuition  $178.55 
Undergraduate Non-Resident Tuition   $695.90 
Graduate Resident Tuition  $230.45
Graduate Non-Resident Tuition  $876.40
Graduate Non-Resident Tuition (100% Online)    $360.00

Block Tuition Rate (12 to 18 credit hours)

The block rate allows full-time undergraduate students to take 12 to 18 hours and pay a per-semester rate for their tuition and university-wide fees.

Tuition + University Wide Fees Semester Amount 
Undergraduate Resident   $4,509.00
Undergraduate Non-Resident   $12,269.25

General Fees

Fee Per Credit Hour Amount
Student Activity Fee  $2.50 
Student Activity Fee - Athletic  $5.50 
Advising & Assessment Fee  $10.85 
Facility Fee  $5.45 
Campus Recreation Facility Fee  $3.00 
Library Automation & Technology Fee  $17.00 
Academic Records Fee  $4.35 
Daily O'Collegian Fee  $0.30 
Student Development Fee  $2.20 
Health Services Fee  $5.00 
Academic Facilities Fee  $24.65 
Academic Excellence Fee  $15.50 
Life Safety and Security Fee  $6.45 
Parking & Transit Fee  $2.50 
University Technology Infrastructure/Maintenance Fee  $11.65 
Student Union Renovation Fee  $5.15 

College Based Fees

College fees include the following:

  • Technology Fee: Provides for the maintenance of existing facilities housing computer and/or multimedia equipment, and the expansion and development of collegiate facilities, equipment, software and multimedia capabilities. It also helps provide for the specialized technology needs of each of the various colleges
  • Program Fee: Used to fund enhancements to instruction within each college, including equipment, technology, facilities, and salaries to support instruction.
  • Online or Electronic Media Delivery Fee: Used to fund online courses or for face-to-face courses, this will fund the expanded use of canvas and required technology for hybrid models of instruction necessary for FY 2021.
  • Instruction Infrastructure Fee (School of Business only): Used to upgrade, maintain, and improve instructional facilities and equipment in the School of Business.
Fee Per Credit Hour Amount
Ferguson College of Agriculture   $109.35 
Arts & Sciences (Undergraduate)  $113.80 
School of Business*  $124.80 
Education and Human Sciences (Undergraduate)  $112.75 
Education and Human Sciences (Graduate)  $92.00 
Engineering, Architecture & Technology  $183.25
Global Studies & Partnerships  $25.00 

Campus Infrastructure & Support Fee - 2020

(New students enrolling Summer 2020 or after)


Campus Infrastructure & Support Fee - 2018

(All students entering OSU summer 2018 through spring 2020)


Campus Infrastructure & Support Fee - Seniors

(All students entering OSU summer 2018 through spring 2020)


Student Success Fee - 2018

(All undergraduate students entering OSU Summer 2018 or after)


Student Success Fee - Seniors

(All undergraduate students entering OSU Summer 2017 through spring 2018)


Graduate College Program Fee

Graduate Masters (GM), Graduate Certificate (GC) or Graduate Special (SG) Students

Graduate Doctorate (GD) or Doctorate Specialist (DS) Students





SSB Graduate Program Fee  $6.00 
*Note: individual courses may have special fees in addition to those listed here.


Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Amount
International Student Status Fee $60.00 per semester
Late Enrollment Fee $100.00
Health Risk Assessment Fee $20.00 (Stillwater only - First-time students only)

Tuition and fee charges for the Fall Semester are due by September 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of September for the first billing statement of the Fall semester. 

Tuition and fee charges for the Spring Semester are due by February 15. Electronic notices are sent to the student's OSU e-mail address the first week of February for the first billing statement of the Spring semester.

Each subsequent month, electronic notices are sent for bursar billing statements that detail additional transactions on the bursar account.  Balances should be paid by the 15th of each month.  A finance charge of 1.5% will be assessed for past due charges.