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Writing Tutoring Information

Writing Tutoring

Tutoring Services provides a quiet, supportive environment with writing consultants available to help students generate and organize ideas, start the writing process, take a fresh look at existing work and assist with proper grammar and documentation. A one-on-one, 50-minute tutorial is the primary service. During this tutorial, students meet with a trained and experienced writing consultant who will read their writing assignment and discuss ways to improve the writing.
Students can request that the tutorial focus on an area of particular concern or let the tutor determine the focus. Tutors will typically look for global issues first, such as audience awareness, organization, thesis, and development. If there is time, or over multiple appointments, sentence-level concerns such as grammar, mechanics and word choice can also be discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I make an appointment?

    To make a 50-minute appointment, call 918-594-8232, stop by Main Hall 2302, or email Because we try to serve as many people as possible, we limit appointments to one 50-minute block per visit and two visits per week.

  • What do I bring to a writing tutorial?

    Whatever writing you have done so far. A description of the assignment from your instructor or textbook. A willingness to learn strategies that will help you become a more efficient and effective writer.

    Questions, even if you don't have a draft yet. You may want to consider the following: What characteristics should your paper have in order to meet the requirements of the assignment? Which sections of your draft are you unsure of? What comments and suggestions have been made on other papers you have written?

  • What happens in a typical writing tutoring session?

    In a typical tutoring session (50 minutes long), we will read through your paper, then discuss the paper's strengths and weaknesses. Together, we will brainstorm ideas and discuss strategies to improve on the areas that need strengthening. We will typically focus on global issues first, such as audience awareness, organization, thesis and development. If there is time, or if you make multiple appointments, we can also work on sentence-level concerns such as grammar, mechanics and word choice.

  • What kind of writing can I bring?

    Papers from many courses besides English--such as biology, political science, communications and engineering--are welcome. You can come in to work on essays, research papers, master’s theses, dissertations, technical writing, poetry, fiction, scholarship essays, or graduate school applications.

  • Should the paper I bring be saved in an electronic format? Can I bring a handwritten paper?

    You can bring an electronic version of your paper, but it is not necessary. Bring in whatever you have at the time, whether it is typewritten, handwritten or electronic. Student computers with access to the Internet and printers are available.

  • Do you offer proofreading?

    We do not provide a proofreading service such as making corrections to your entire paper for you.  However, we will be happy to help you develop your own editing and proofreading skills during a conference. We do not provide a drop-off proofreading service.

  • Can I email a paper to a tutor?

    Yes, you may email, and a tutor will read through your paper and offer feedback. Please attach assignment sheets or any other information that will be useful for your tutor.

  • Can tutors accommodate non-native English speakers?

    Yes. Every effort is made to work with non-native speakers.

  • Will my professor be notified that I received writing assistance?

    Tutoring Services does not automatically send word to your professor, but if you would like, your instructor can be notified about your visit. We will send a conference summary which describes what you and your tutor worked on during your session. The summary does not evaluate you, your instructor or your assignment in any way. It simply summarizes the areas discussed in the conference. Many students and professors appreciate this service because it facilitates more communication between them, and it keeps the professor informed of the work that the student is doing to improve his or her skills.

  • How can I improve my writing skills?

    One of the most effective methods of becoming a skilled writer is to become an avid reader. Reading gives you a better feel for how other people use words and formulate arguments. However, the best way to improve your writing is to do lots of it. To make the most of each writing task, plan to revise your paper several times.

  • Is Tutoring Services wheelchair accessible?

    Yes. Writing Tutoring is located in Main Hall 2302, which is on the second floor. An elevator is available in the center of the Main Hall Commons. Main Hall has ramp entrances and automated doors.

  • When is Writing Tutoring available?

    Writing Tutoring is available Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Where is Writing Tutoring located?

    Writing Tutoring is located in the same area as the Testing Center in Main Hall 2302, on the second floor.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma State University-Tulsa Learning Services Center is to provide exceptional tutoring and testing services to OSU students, faculty and the community. We focus on maintaining the university's standards for academic integrity, service to others and academic success.

The Learning Services Center aims to offer high quality, personalized services that assist students in reaching their academic and professional goals. We strive to create a tutoring environment that is instructional and encourages students to become more confident, independent learners by addressing their unique needs. Our testing services promote a welcoming environment where students, faculty and other individuals in the community can receive secure and fair exam proctoring services. The Learning Services Center adheres to the Professional Standards and Guidelines developed by the National College Testing Association. 

Writing Tutoring

Testing Center

Main Hall 2302



9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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