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Tutoring Services

OSU-Tulsa Tutoring Services offers free writing tutoring to all OSU-Tulsa students. Tutoring Services provides 50-minute, one-on-one tutorials that can assist students with writing assignments at any phase of the writing process, including brainstorming, organization, developing support, and documenting sources. Call or email to schedule an appointment.

Note that since Tutoring Services is an instructional-based resource, tutors are not permitted to proofread or copy-edit papers. However, they can help students develop editing and proofreading skills.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma State University-Tulsa Learning Services Center is to provide exceptional tutoring and testing services to OSU students, faculty and the community. We focus on maintaining the university's standards for academic integrity, service to others and academic success.

The Learning Services Center aims to offer high quality, personalized services that assist students in reaching their academic and professional goals. We strive to create a tutoring environment that is instructional and encourages students to become more confident, independent learners by addressing their unique needs. Our testing services promote a welcoming environment where students, faculty and other individuals in the community can receive secure and fair exam proctoring services. The Learning Services Center adheres to the Professional Standards and Guidelines developed by the National College Testing Association. 

NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines - We Subscribe Consortium of College Testing Centers Participant - Supporting Distance Learning