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University Store

In partnership with the OSU University Store, OSU-Tulsa students now have a new and more convenient bookstore experience.

OSU-Tulsa students purchase textbooks for all of their Tulsa, Stillwater and online classes through the University Store website at Orders may be picked up at the Information Center in the North Hall Lobby free of charge, or you may elect to pay for shipping directly to your home.


  • Buy all books for all of your courses at OSU-Tulsa, Stillwater and online in one place.
  • Log in and bring up your individual class schedule along with a list of required textbooks for each course for easy ordering.
  • Charge up to $1,500 for textbooks and some other items to your Bursar account.
  • Take advantage of competitive pricing and a larger selection.
  • Get greater access to OSU goods and apparel.

The University Store works directly with OSU faculty members to ensure has the books and materials that students need to be successful in class. And because OSU owns and operates the University Store, every purchase directly benefits OSU students and services.

Blue Books, Scantrons and More

Students can purchase Scantrons, Blue Books, pens and other supplies through a self-serve marketplace in the North Hall Lobby. The marketplace kiosk accepts credit and debit cards and is available whenever the building is open.

For questions, contact Travis McBride at 918-594-8252 or by email at