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Registration and Transcript Holds

Registration and transcript holds are restrictions placed on student accounts when specific action is required from students to allow enrollment at OSU or release of official academic documents such as transcripts and diplomas.

The following are some of the holds which may prevent students from enrolling or receiving transcripts:

  • A past due account with the Office of the Bursar
  • A past due account with Student Loan Accounting and Collection
  • Academic probation or suspension by the academic dean
  • An advisor hold. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to remove.
  • Admission probation by the director of admissions
  • Noncompletion of International student orientation by International Student Services
  • Noncompletion of counseling by the University Counseling Office
  • Noncompletion of a loan exit interview. This can happen when you have federal aid and drop below half-time status.
  • Student loan accounting by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Transcript holds. Up-to-date transcripts from each institution attended or currently attending must be received before you enroll for a future semester.

For information on a hold not listed here, or for additional help to understand and address holds, visit the OSU Office of the Registrar website.

Call 918-594-8100 for information on a specific hold on your account.

  • Go to the OSU Bursar page login.
  • Enter your O-Key login
  • Click "Bursar Guest Login"
  • Create a guest login and password to provide to your guest.
  • Select the access you want for your guest by clicking "Manage Guest Login."