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The Direct Deposit Program provides students with quicker access to a refund when their Bursar account has a credit balance. 


By participating in the Direct Deposit Program, students will receive their refunds in their bank account within two - three business days after the credit balance occurs on their Bursar accounts. 


If students do not choose to participate in the Direct Deposit Program, their refunds will be issued by check. Checks are mailed every other Wednesday for credit balances as of the previous Friday. All checks are mailed to the account holder's local address on the SIS system. 


How can we provide such an accelerated schedule for Direct Deposit? The reason is the Direct Deposit Program is completely electronic, eliminating all manual processing steps. 


If you have not signed up for Direct Deposit and would like to sign up for Direct Deposit, visit the site and use your O-Key login to complete the Direct Deposit sign-up information.


Remember, Direct Deposit is the fastest and easiest way to get a Bursar refund!

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