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Advancing Careers, Enhancing Tulsa

Advancing Careers, Enhancing Tulsa

Graduate Degrees Change Lives

A master’s or doctoral degree program provides focused skills and research experience to help professionals advance in their careers and make real change in the world. Tulsa Police Officer Jesse Guardiola wanted to improve the relationship between Tulsa’s Hispanic community and law enforcement. Through his master’s degree program at OSU-Tulsa, Jesse refined his vision and conducted research to create a community policing plan that became a national model and recently earned him the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Policing.

When we provide opportunities for advanced education and research, we empower our citizens to make an impact in our community. And that creates a better Tulsa.

Build Your Own Master's Degree

The Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to tailor a master's degree to make the most of their education and personalize their master's degree to fit their career. Many professionals want to fine-tune their business and communication skills while taking coursework related to their industry. Some may have started a graduate program, but now want to change directions while using the credit hours they have already earned. No matter the end goal, OSU-Tulsa can help you design a master’s degree to get you there.

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Advancing Careers, Enhancing Tulsa

Serving Tulsa's Workforce

A bachelor’s degree, master's degree or graduate certificate opens doors for adults ready to advance their careers, change jobs or re-enter the workforce. Students like Belinda want a quality degree tailored to their career goals that maximizes the college credits they have already earned. At OSU-Tulsa, we work one-on-one with our students to create a degree plan that saves them time and money. We understand our students have busy lives, so our services and schedules are designed to accommodate them.

When we make college more accessible to working adults, we can increase the number of Tulsans with college degrees. And that creates a better Tulsa.

A Flexible Bachelor's Degree Personalized for You

The Bachelor of University Studies program makes the most of the college credit you already have and allows you to personalize a degree to meet your career goals. Our dedicated academic advisor works one-on-one with you to create a program that saves you time and money. Choose between classes that meet one evening a week at our downtown Tulsa campus, online or a hybrid of a few in-class sessions with most online. This degree can be completed 100% in Tulsa.

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Workforce Bachelor's Degrees in Oklahoma's In-demand Professions

OSU-Tulsa is part of Reach Higher: DirectComplete, a statewide degree completion program that connects adult students with the resources and guidance they need to finish their bachelor's degree in one of Oklahoma's in-demand occupations. You'll earn an OSU degree while taking classes right here where you live and work. Earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Elementary Education, Finance or Management Information Systems, 100% in Tulsa.

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Start Today

It's never too late to finish the bachelor's degree you started, change careers with a second bachelor's degree or advance by earning a graduate degree or certificate. Submit the form below and an OSU-Tulsa representative will reach out to you to find out how we can help you save time and money while earning an OSU degree.


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