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News and Events: OSU CFR at OSU-Tulsa

Students interact during a Center for Family Resilience event.

The OSU Center for Family Resilience is a community resource focused on equipping every family to support its members in achieving their fullest personal and social potential. The center translates scientific knowledge about families and family life into strategies that build individual and family resilience. Strategies include individual and family programs administered by local human and social service agencies, and state and national policy recommendations to strengthen families.

Established in 2009 and with its main office at OSU-Tulsa, the CFR uses conferences, program evaluations and community events to educate and support people to reach their fullest potential, both socially and personally.

For more information, visit the OSU Center for Family Resilience website.

General Contact Information

OSU Center for Family Resilience
Oklahoma State University-Tulsa
700 N. Greenwood Ave.
Main Hall 1101 
Tulsa, OK 74106
Office Phone: 918-594-8336
Fax Number: 918-594-8558

OSU Center for Family Resilience at OSU-Tulsa News and Information