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Enrollment Options

Admitted students who have met with their advisor and have no enrollment holds may enroll by one of the following options.

Students are able to enroll, add and drop both Tulsa and Stillwater classes via:

  1. Online Enrollment* - myOKSTATE
  2. Email Drop/Add Card to your academic advisor who can forward to the Office of the Registrar for processing.
  3. Academic Affairs in Tulsa - North Hall 357
  4. Registration Services in Stillwater - 322 Student Union

Enrollment dates are determined by the cumulative earned credit hours reflected on your academic transcript. The greater the number of credit hours you have earned the higher priority you are given in enrolling for classes. Enrollment priority is also granted to students with physical disabilities, those committed by a scholarship or full-time employment at the University to perform a service for the University on a schedule specified by the University, for graduate students, and for students in the Honors College. Check the Enrollment Guides to see when you will be able to enroll for an upcoming semester.


Students with disabilities may be eligible for Priority Enrollment. For more information, contact OSU-Tulsa's Student Accessibility Services at 918-594-8354.


Note: Nonpayment and/or nonattendance do not constitute withdrawal from classes.




Enrollment Holds

Some students may see Enrollment Holds on their account that may prevent enrollment. For a full list of holds and instructions for removal, please visit the OSU Office of the Registrar website. Call 918-594-8020 for information on a specific hold.


New Students 

New students must first complete the admission process to Oklahoma State University. If you have attended OSU before but have not enrolled for one Spring or Fall semester, then you must reapply.


Undergraduate applicants must apply online. Applicants should submit official transcripts at least four to six weeks prior to attempting to enroll. Transcripts must be dated within the last three months.


Graduate applicants need to apply online. Applicants should submit official transcripts at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to attempting to enroll. Graduate students needing assistance contacting their coordinator can contact Graduate Student Services. Individual program deadlines may vary.


Returning Students 

Any former OSU students that have not attended for at least one regular semester (Fall or Spring) must apply for readmission.  


More information about the readmission process for undergraduate students may be found on the OSU Admissions site.


Graduate students applying for readmission must submit an application on the OSU Graduate Admissions site.


Undergraduate students who are applying for readmission and left on academic probation must also complete a Readmit Petition form. The College which they are applying for must review these petitions. The Admissions office will provide this form to affected students at the time the readmission applications is submitted online.

Additional Enrollment Information

Late Enrollment

A late enrollment fee will be charged to all students who enroll after classes begin. Please refer to the Academic Calendars for dates and the Office of the Bursar for current fee rates.


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