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Class-100 Cleanroom Equipment List


Oerlikon 790+ PECVDThe Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Depositor reacts the delivered process gases in a radio frequency induced plasma to deposit dielectric materials such as silicon dioxide and silicon nitride.


Expertech CTR 125 Furnace/LPCVDThe Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Depositor uses low pressures and high temperatures (~660°C) to deposit a more uniform layer of silicon oxide compared to PECVD.


AJA Orion Magnetron SputtererSputtering occurs by accelerating ions towards an intended target material. The resulting collision causes the target material to be expelled outwards where it collects onto an intended substrate.


Electron Beam Evaporator (Currently offline)Electron beam deposition is an evaporative process where an electron beam is used to locally melt a source material, evaporating the material, and condensing the vapor onto an intended substrate.


Oerlikon Shuttlelock 700  series ICP RIEAn ICP RIE (Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher) is a tool used to selectively etch dielectrics, polymers, and metals.


Laurell WS-400BZ-6NPP/Lite Spin Coater + Karl Suss Microtec CT 62 SpinnerThe Laurell spinner is a tabletop spinner which can accommodate nonuniform and irregular shaped substrates.

The Karl Suss spinner is used for coating 4” substrates with positive and negative photoresists.


Karl Suss MA6 Mask Aligner w/BSAMask aligners are used in photolithographic processes to transfer a pattern from a mask to a photoresist coating on a substrate.


NanoSpec Nano Metrics NA 109 ReflectometerThe reflectometer is used to measure the thickness of transparent films such as photoresist and silicon dioxide based on the absorption of light at different wavelengths.


Veeco FPP5000 four-point probe + Alpha Step 500 Surface ProfilerThe four point probe passes a small current though a sample to determine the material’s sheet resistivity, slice resistivity, V/I, and metallization thickness.

The Alphastep 500 is a stylus-based surface profiler to measure step heights of surfaces.

General Equipment

  • Binder FD23 Convection Oven
  • Branson 3510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Olympus BX60 Microscope w/ DIC
  • Corning PC-420D Hotplates
  • VWR 7X7 CER Stirrer/Hotplate
  • Sartorius Water Deionization System
  • Nitrogen Purged Dry Boxes
  • ReynoldsTech Fume Hoods
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