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Bruker BioScope Catalyst AFM (bioAFM)

Bruker BioScope Catalyst AFM (bioAFM)


The Bruker BioScope Catalyst AFM is positioned on an inverted microscope, allowing for the integration of AFM imaging with optical imaging. This arrangement allows for the imaging of larger samples, including samples on glass slides or in glass bottom dishes. The system is equipped with DAPI (blue), GFP (green) and CY3 (red) filter cubes.


  • X-Y Scan Range: ≥150µm, open-loop or closed-loop operation
  • Z Scan Range: ≥20µm, open-loop or closed-loop operation
  • Deflection Detection: IR super luminescent diode (SLD ), λ=850nm
  • Height Noise: <0.1nm RMS (air); <0.2nm RMS (fluid) (typical with appropriate vibration isolation)
  • Force Noise: Thermally-limited, PicoForce-quality force measurements, <10pN RMS for cantilever with k=20pN/nm
  • XY Sample Stage: Motorized stage with 10x10mm range; includes magnetic sample clamps for 1x3in. slides, 25mm coverslips, 35 and60mm plastic petri dishes, and 50mm glass bottom petri dishes