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Procedures and Policies

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Requesting Books and Articles

  1. Search our online catalog for the book, journal, magazine or newspaper title to be sure that we do not already own it. Be sure to consult our list of electronic journals for full-text, online articles.

  2. Requests for items available in the Library will be submitted to Document Delivery and filled there.

  3. If searching on the OSU-Tulsa Library search platform or WorldCat click on the option for requesting Interlibrary Loan (ILL): BE SURE TO SELECT OR LOGON TO OSU-TULSA'S ILLIAD

  4. Select the appropriate form for the type of item you wish to request (e.g. journal article, book, book chapter, dissertation).

  5. Complete the form with as much information as you have.

  6. Complete only one form for each individual item. Do not request more than one article on the same form.

  7. You will be notified by email when your article arrives. The email will contain a link to your ILLIAD account. Sign in with your OKEY username and password and retrieve your article by clicking on “Electronically Received Articles” from the menu on the left.

Borrowing Policy

I. Definition.

An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which library materials, or a copy of the materials, are made available by one library to another upon request.


II. Purpose.

The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain a copy of library materials not available at the OSU-Tulsa Library for a short period of time or a legal reproduction of the material. The purpose of interlibrary loan is also to loan material found in the OSU-Tulsa Library to other libraries.


III. Interlibrary Borrowing.

  1. Interlibrary Loan is offered to OSU-Tulsa faculty, staff and students only. All other library users are to be referred to the Tulsa City County Library for interlibrary loan services.

  2. Turnaround time may take ON AVERAGE 2-3 days for journal articles and 4-6 days for books. Arrival times may vary depending upon the nature and location of the item and are not guaranteed.

  3. Lending Parameters

    1. Material that may be borrowed may include:

      • Books

      • Single photocopies of journal articles

      • Items missing or checked out from the OSU-Tulsa Library

      • Photocopies of missing pages from OSU-Tulsa books

      • Some (very limited) DVD, video and audio materials

    2. Material not ordinarily available for loan may include:

      • Reference books and encyclopedias

      • Multiple articles from the same journal issue or entire journal volumes which may be in violation of copyright law

      • Tests and assessment instruments

      • Electronic information available only by subscription

      • Rare, fragile or valuable material

      • Material that is difficult or expensive to ship

      • New books or material in high demand

      • Audio-visual materials (including videos, DVDs and audio tapes)

      • Materials on reserve

      • Material (particularly photocopies) that reproduction or lending would violate copyright laws or existing licensing agreements

    3. OSU-Tulsa students are responsible for purchasing required texts for their classes. Libraries generally do not keep current copies of textbooks. Therefore students are strongly discouraged from requesting classroom textbooks through ILL.

    4. OSU-Tulsa subscribes to ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global online. If dissertations and masters theses are loaned, they are sometimes supplied in microform.

  4. Borrower's Responsibilities and Terms of Use:

    1. An interlibrary borrowing request for each individual item must be submitted on the OSU-Tulsa ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System on appropriate forms with complete bibliographic information.

    2. All due dates are set by the lending library. The usual check out term is about one month.

    3. Renewals are sometimes granted. You may request renewals by contacting the OSU-Tulsa Library ILL office by e-mail or phone message three days in advance of the due date.

    4. ILL books must be picked up and returned at the OSU-Tulsa Circulation Desk during regular library operating hours. OSU-Tulsa Interlibrary Loan office will not mail interlibrary loaned books to home addresses.

    5. ILL books will be checked out to your library record with the due date given by the lending library. Please notify the ILL office if you no longer need the item or cannot pick it up.

    6. Books must be returned on time in the same condition lent. Failure to do so will incur a $0.25 per day overdue fine up to $50 maximum.

    7. Lost and damaged books will incur a $5.00 processing fee, overdue fines and the total cost of the book as determined by the lending library.

    8. Chronic failure to return Interlibrary Loan books may result in loss of interlibrary loan privileges.

Lending Policy

I. Definition.

This service is offered to other publicly supported or not-for-profit libraries that abide by the laws and guidelines set forth by Federal, State, and Local statutes and by Interlibrary Loan agreements with other libraries.


  1. Materials that ordinarily circulate to OSU-Tulsa users may be sent on Interlibrary Loan.

  2. Borrowing Libraries Responsibilities:

    1. The borrowing library must submit requests in standard format either by OCLC, ALA forms, or FAX with appropriate indication of copyright.

    2. OSU-Tulsa Library does not charge lending fees.

    3. Photocopies of articles will be made not to exceed approximately 30 pages in one issue or monograph series.

    4. Loans of reference material will only be made upon approval of the Reference Librarian.

    5. Loans of ERIC Documents will be digitized.

    6. Books will be loaned for a period of 30 days with one 30-day extension if the book is not on hold or in high demand for OSU-Tulsa patrons.

    7. Journal volumes, microfiche or bound, will not be loaned except under extreme circumstances and with approval of department head.

  3. Service will be given as speedily and economically as conditions permit. A 2-day turnaround time for requests from the OSU-Tulsa Library is the goal.

  4. Payment for lost or stolen books is the responsibility of the borrowing library. The lending library will be charged for the most available retail price of the item plus a $5 service fee.

  5. Failure to comply may result in suspension of future lending.

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