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Public Safety

Tulsa Police Department Chief Wendell Franklin sits at a coffee shop table talking with a group of citizens. The group is laughing at a story one woman is sharing.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety is a practical, comprehensive degree option for public safety professionals. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to take on a variety of roles in the public safety sector. The coursework emphasizes essential human skills to successfully work in public safety, including cultural awareness, conflict resolution and effective communication.

Courses May Include:

  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Social Stratification
  • Cultural Diversity in Professional Life
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Business and Professional Communication
  • Mental Health in Schools and the Community
  • Criminology
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • Health Issues in Diverse Populations
  • Policy, Law and Advocacy
  • The Family: A World Perspective
  • Negotiation Essentials

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Partnership with Tulsa Police Department

OSU-Tulsa has partnered with the Tulsa Police Department to include the Tulsa Police Academy as part of the Bachelor of Professional Studies. Students who complete all prior degree requirements and are accepted into the Tulsa Police Academy will earn the final 15 credit hours of their bachelor’s degree by completing the approximately 28-week academy.

Students interested in attending the Tulsa Police Academy must pass a background check, maintain physical fitness standards, meet regularly with a TPD recruiter/mentor and maintain your eligibility to work on the police force. Visit for more information.

Officer Jesse Guardiola, senior officer for minority recruitment and workforce development for the Tulsa Police Department, collaborated in the creation of the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety.

Jesse Guardiola

Public Safety Program Information

Total Credit Hours: 120
Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 2.50

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety Degree Requirements

Transfer Maps

How Long will it Take?

Use this chart below to see how long it will take you to complete your bachelor’s degree at OSU-Tulsa if you transfer with an associate degree or 60 credit hours from a two-year institution. If you transfer with fewer than 60 credit hours, the number of semesters will increase accordingly.

Credit Hours/Semester Semesters (est.)
6 10
9 7
12 5
15 4

How Much Will it Cost?

OSU is one of the best values in the Big 12 and has lower tuition and fees than many Tulsa-area schools and online-only institutions. OSU-Tulsa offers financial aid and scholarships, including a tuition waiver specifically for students in this program.

OSU Tuition and Fees Estimator

Contact the OSU-Tulsa Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to learn more.

Career Paths

  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Management
  • Firefighting
  • Corrections
  • Public Safety Administration

About OSU-Tulsa

As a metropolitan, urban-serving research university located in Tulsa's Greenwood District, OSU-Tulsa offers Oklahoma State University’s world-class programs in a downtown setting. OSU-Tulsa students graduate with the same OSU degree that students in Stillwater receive. 

Students generally transfer to OSU-Tulsa with an associate degree or at least 45 credit hours from another institution. The majority of our students take their first two years at Tulsa Community College or another local two- or four-year school, but students have transferred to OSU-Tulsa from colleges and universities across the country.

OSU-Tulsa’s location adds to the value of that degree by giving our students access to the internship and volunteer opportunities, cultural attractions and social scene that come with an urban campus.

Since many of OSU-Tulsa's students are working adults, we offer class schedules, course formats and amenities to support their success. We also offer the convenience of Tulsa-based student services including:

BPS in Public Safety Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be able to finish my OSU classes while attending the Tulsa Police Academy?

The Tulsa Police Academy counts as a 15-credit-hour internship as part of the Bachelor of Professional Studies. If you wish to participate in this option, you will complete all OSU degree requirements except for the internship credit before applying for and attending the Tulsa Police Academy. While at the Academy, police academy staff will direct your curriculum.

Once I complete the Tulsa Police Academy, am I guaranteed a job?

Upon completion of the Academy, you will graduate with your OSU bachelor's degree and begin field training with TPD. You must continue to meet TPD requirements to become an officer.

What happens if I cannot complete the Tulsa Police Academy portion of this degree?

There are other ways to meet the degree requirements and credit hours that most students will complete during the Academy. You will work with your academic advisor to create a plan that works for you and fulfills degree requirements.

How do I apply for the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety?

It is recommended that you submit an information request and speak with an academic advisor before beginning your application for the Bachelor of Professional Studies. When you are ready, you can apply to OSU and choose Tulsa as your campus.

Once accepted into the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety degree program, when do I apply for the Tulsa Police Academy?

You will begin the application process with Tulsa Police Department none months prior to the Academy.  You can contact your TPD recruiter for the next eligible academy date. For more information, visit

Do Bachelor of Professional Studies in Public Safety students receive priority over other applicants who apply to the Tulsa Police Academy?

The best way to ensure acceptance to the Academy is to maintain your physical fitness, meet regularly with a mentor or recruiter assigned through TPD and maintain your eligibility to work on the police force. There are a limited number of recruits admitted to each Academy and they are ranked by scores in multiple areas. Your TPD mentor/recruiter will help you understand this process and aid in your success.

Do students have to pay to attend the Tulsa Police Academy, and do they pay OSU-Tulsa tuition while attending the Academy?

The Tulsa Police Academy is paid by the taxpayer. In fact, they will pay you a salary and benefits while you attend. Because you will also be earning college credit from OSU, you will pay for 15 credit hours’ worth of tuition during the semesters you are enrolled and attending the Academy. 

During the Tulsa Police Academy, you are employed by the City of Tulsa and are eligible for a tuition waiver equal to half of your tuition costs for up to six credit hours per semester. Since the Academy will stretch across two semesters of enrollment, you will qualify for the waiver for both semesters. More details can be found here.

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