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Staff Advisory Council

OSU-Tulsa Staff Advisory Council is a staff council that promotes communication between administration and staff, as well as staff and other staff.


  • Improve feedback between staff and administration
  • Improve department to department communications by sharing updates and feedback
  • Provide opportunities for staff members to get to know each other
  • Host campus-wide activities that boost employee morale
  • Provide a space to share input and ideas to help OSU-Tulsa leadership better support the campus community

Member Information

  • Members will attend one-hour lunchtime meetings held each month
  • Department representatives will be needed approximately two hours per month
  • The SAC president will represent OSU-Tulsa at the OSU Stillwater Staff Advisory Council

For more information on SAC, read the OSU-Tulsa Staff Advisory Council Bylaws.

  •  SAC members are encouraged to recommend guest speakers to attend our monthly SAC meetings. Guest speakers should be members of the Tulsa community that can share events and programs that could be beneficial for OSU-Tulsa to participate in. Please email Candace Jackson with any suggestions you may have.

  • LibraryThe Library staff is currently working on collection development previously delayed to due COVID and working on curriculum analysis of the library's collection.  
  • Learning Services Center - The Testing Center will remain open during finals week as well as between the fall and spring semesters, with the exception of the upcoming holiday break.
  • Marketing - The Marketing & Communications team has been working to prepare for OSU-Tulsa's first virtual graduation ceremony on Dec. 13.
  • Many departments are shifting to telecommuting and fewer employees in office due to the COVID pandemic.

Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Olivia Woody - President
  • Candace Jackson - Vice President
  • Margaret Perdue - Secretary


How to Get Involved

To nominate a representative from your department or learn more about OSU-Tulsa's Staff Advisory Council, contact Olivia Woody.