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Accounting Gateway Exam

The Accounting Gateway Exam covers important topics from the first Principles of Accounting class (ACCT 2103) and will help determine whether you understand the accounting principles you need to succeed in upper-division accounting classes.

Who has to take it?

Everyone enrolling in ACCT 3013, 3103, 3203, and 3603 must pass the Gateway Exam no matter where or when they took Principles of Accounting. The only exception is for students that have passed ACCT 3003 (Foundational Accounting Skills) at OSU. 


When and where is it offered?

Appointments are required at this time. To schedule an exam, contact the Testing Center. You will need to allow 90 minutes to complete the exam. The Gateway Exam will be administered in the Testing Center located in Main Hall 2302.  


The last day to take the exam to enroll in an upper division accounting class will be the Thursday before class begins. The exam is not available after this day through the first three weeks of class. There are no exceptions to this rule as the exam will be turned off and will not be operational.


What to bring

  • You will need one form of photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, passport, etc.)

  • You will also need to know your ALEKS username and password.

  • Fee: $10 per exam. The fee is payable by check, credit card, or bursar charge for currently enrolled students.

  • You may bring your own very basic calculator. No financial or graphing calculators are allowed.


Exam score

Grades will be posted to SIS by the Registrar’s office as soon as they are able to post them. This can take up to one week after passing the exam. Currently, a “passing grade” is 80%.


Studying for the exam

After completing the ALEKS tutorial and Knowledge Check (which is a pre-assessment to determine what you already know), the software will launch you into a "goal completion" phase to help you learn the accounting cycle topics that you struggled with during the pre-assessment. There are 34 topics to master in order to "fill in your pie". We highly recommend that you work through each topic until you have mastered all 34 pieces of the pie.


Retaking the exam

There are no time or attempt restrictions for retaking the exam. In the event you do need to retake the exam, be sure that you review each topic until you have mastered all 34 pieces of the pie.

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