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OSU Math Placement Exam

We're here to help.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the concerns for the health and safety of our guests and campus community, our OSU-Tulsa staff is working remotely. We want to assist you and will continue to work to meet your needs by email, telephone or virtual appointment.​ Visit this web page for the most up-to-date service information and to make an appointment.


There is a $10 fee payable to OSU-Tulsa. This fee may be paid by credit card (issued in examinee's name), in the testing center or by cash in the bursar office.


Examinees should contact the Testing Center to arrange an appointment for the Math Placement Exam. Walk-ins are accepted, but an appointment is recommended to ensure a computer is available. The Math Placement Exam can be taken Monday through Friday during Testing Center hours of operation.

Required Identification

Examinees must present an acceptable photo ID before being permitted to test. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, school I.D., military I.D., health department I.D. or current passport.

What to bring

Examinees must bring their email address and password and CWID number. Examinees will not be permitted to test without these three pieces of information. To find CWID number, students may log in to O-Key. Calculators are not permitted.


The Math Placement Exam is designed to construct a profile of a student's knowledge of algebra and trigonometry. An examinee's score on the Math Placement Exam will be used to help decide which mathematics courses must be taken in the future. Its purpose is to give students the best possible chance of success by placing them in the courses that are the best match for their abilities.

Examinees should allow at least two hours of uninterrupted time to take the exam; however, the exam is untimed.

Scoring Information

A percentage and a pie chart will be generated at the end of the exam. The pie chart shows strengths and weaknesses and the percentage will show which course the examinee places in.

To be placed in: Course Description OSU Math Placement Exam OR Minimum Grade of "C" in:
MATH 1493 Applications of Modern Mathematics 30 MATH 1483 or 1513
MATH 1483 Mathematical Functions and their Uses 35 MATH 1513
MATH 1513 College Algebra 45 MATH 1483
MATH 1583 Applied Geometry & Trigonometry 50 MATH 1483 or 1513
MATH 1715 Pre-Calculus 55  
MATH 1613 Trigonometry 60 MATH 1513
MATH 2103 Elementary Calculus 60 MATH 1483 or 1513, or 1715
MATH 2123 Calculus for Technology Programs I 65 MATH 1715 OR 1613
MATH 2144 Calculus I 75 MATH 1715 OR 1613
PHYS 1114   75  

Retest Policy

Students must wait 24 hours between exam attempts and are permitted no more than five attempts in an 11-month period (including practice exams).

The test is highly reliable, and a student's score is unlikely to change between subsequent testing sessions unless action is taken through using the learning modules in the OSU Math Placement Exam, participation in tutoring sessions or participation in some other type of math refresher activity. Students can access learning modules by logging back into the OSU math placement exam system. An option to access the learning modules will be available..