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DSST Exams

The nationally recognized DSST program allows students to receive college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom, for example from reading, on-the-job training or independent study. There are over 38 test titles in the areas of social science, business, mathematics, applied technology, humanities and physical science.


DSST exams are two hours long (unless an essay portion is required), primarily multiple choice (although some exams have fill-in-the-blank questions) and are administered on a computer. It is recommended that examinees create an account at the DSST Program website prior to the day of the exam.


To create an account:

  1. Visit the DSST Program website.

  2. Click "take a practice exam" on the right side of the home page.

  3. On the new screen that opens, click "first-time registration."

  4. From the drop-down menu, select "DSST" and click continue.

  5. From this point, follow the on-screen instructions.

Public Speaking Exam

DSST now offers the Public Speaking exam online. The exam contains two parts: a multiple choice section and an impromptu persuasive speech. The multiple choice section is untimed; however, most candidates take 45 to 75 minutes. The impromptu speech is given a maximum of 20 minutes; at least 10 minutes of that time should be spent planning the speech. The speech must be no shorter than three minutes and no longer than five. If a candidate has time constraints, the two sections of the exam may be taken on different dates but must be taken within 30 days of each other. If a candidate fails either portion of the exam and would like to retake the exam after the 90-day waiting period, both sections must be completed again.


The DSST exam costs $100. In addition, the OSU-Tulsa Testing Center's administration fee (payable to OSU-Tulsa) is $35. The DSST exam can be paid by credit card only.  The OSU-Tulsa administration fee can be paid by credit card, cash in bursar office, or current students may charge to their OSU bursar account.  


The DSST examination fee for first attempt of the exam is waived for all eligible military personnel with a Common Access Card (CAC); however, military personnel are required to pay the OSU-Tulsa administration fee.



DSST exams are offered during Testing Center hours. Students taking an exam with an essay portion must start the exam no later than noon. DSST exams will not be offered during finals week.


Appointments are required to ensure available space. Contact the Testing Center to make an appointment. 


Required Identification

Students must present a valid form of government-issued identification before being permitted to take an exam. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, current passport, state-issued identification card or military identification.


Scoring Information

Candidates testing online can receive immediate test results by viewing their unofficial score report at the end of the testing session. Test results can be viewed online by entering the username and password created when the test was taken. Score reports are received by schools/institutions within 90 days.


Retest Policy

Students may retake the exam only after a 30 day wait period of the testing date. If a student retakes the examination within that time period, the administration will be considered invalid, the score will be canceled and any test fees will not be refunded. Note: For eligible military students, DANTES only funds the DSST fee for the first attempt to pass the exam; and subsequent attempts to pass a failed exam is the responsibility of the test-taker. 


Study Guides

The DSST Program website has several study tools available, including:

  • DSST Fact Sheets
  • Official DSST Test Preparation Guide
  • Online DSST Practice Tests
  • Comprehensive Study Courses

For OSU Students

To determine how DSST exam scores will transfer to Oklahoma State University, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 405-744-5358 or

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