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Make-up Exams

Students may require our proctoring services for a make-up exam for one or more of their OSU courses due to, but not limited to: missing original exam date, needing to test outside exam date, being unable to travel to Stillwater for the in-class exam, or requiring an alternative setting for testing other than traditional classroom. To complete an exam in our center, students must receive permission from their instructors prior to contacting us.


The OSU-Tulsa Testing Center does not charge a fee for OSU students taking make-up exams on the Tulsa campus.



Appointments are required so that Testing Center staff can verify the exam has arrived and ensure available space in the testing room. Students/examinees may call or email to arrange an appointment during Testing Center hours of operation. They should schedule their appointments to allow enough time to finish exams before closing time.


Required Identification

Students will need to bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license or student ID card.


Policies and Procedures

  1. Students must show proper identification to take a make-up exam.

  2. Students should know their course number, test number and instructor’s name.

  3. Students need to bring the materials necessary for the exam as authorized by their instructor. Students will not be able to use any materials not explicitly authorized by their instructor.

  4. Examinees will not be allowed to retrieve any materials they have forgotten once they begin an exam.

  5. Testing Center hours will not be extended so that a student may have the full time to take an exam if they arrive late or schedule incorrectly.

  6. Exams cannot be taken home to be finished.

  7. Unauthorized items are not allowed in the testing area. Lockers are provided, but space is limited. Students should bring only what they need. View the Testing Center's policies for a list of unauthorized items.

  8. Cell phones are not permitted in the testing area even if turned off or set to vibrate. They must be left in a locker.

  9. Calculators may be used when authorized by the instructor. Only the type of calculator specified by the instructor may be used.

  10. Any form of cheating or academic dishonesty will be reported to the instructor for appropriate disciplinary action, and an irregularity report will be filed.

  11. Students may not take any papers (including scratch paper) with them from the testing area.

  12. Students are not allowed to bring their own exams or instructions for the exam. 


Testing for Students with Disabilities

It is important that students contact Student Accessibility Services to request special testing accommodations

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