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Planning Your Event

We are excited to host your event or meeting at the OSU-Tulsa Conference Center. The information on this page is to help you know what to expect before, during and after your event. For more information or questions on any of these topics, contact Lori Burgan, Events Manager, at or 918-594-8000.


How to Book an Event

  1. Submit the Meeting and Event Space Request Form.

    • Conference Center hours of availability are: Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    • Events lasting four hours or less, including setup and teardown are considered half-day events and will be charged at the half-day rate. Events lasting longer than four hours are considered full-day events and will be charged at the full-day rate.

  2. OSU-Tulsa Events staff will contact you to confirm event details, answer any questions and arrange a site tour if you are interested.

  3. Once event details are confirmed, you will receive an email with your event confirmation information.

  4. When you arrive for your event, check in at the Information Center in the North Hall Lobby.

  5. After your event, you will be sent an invoice.

  6. Invoices may be paid by cash, check or money order.

    • If you are paying by check, note the invoice number in the memo and make the check payable to OSU-Tulsa.

    • Mail checks and money orders to the OSU-Tulsa Conference Center, 700 N. Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, OK 74106.

  7. Clients with invoices more than 90 days past due cannot book new Conference Center events until their account is brought current.



  • All event cancelations are to be submitted via email. Event cancelations are not accepted over the phone.

  • Events canceled within five (5) calendar days of the event will be invoiced at full cost to the client.

Food and Beverage

OSU-Tulsa has one on-campus dining option: Our self-service Marketplace, which offers beverages, snacks and ready-to-eat items such as sandwiches. 


It is recommended that you use an external catering service for your event. Contact our Events Manager for a list of catering companies that previous groups have utilized.


Audio/Visual and IT Support

OSU-Tulsa Events staff is here to help you connect to our wireless network and get your event started. For the best experience, make sure your presenters are familiar with the programs or technology they plan to utilize during your event. Groups using the Auditorium are encouraged to bring their own audio/visual equipment and operators.


OSU-Tulsa does not provide dedicated staff to run sound or lights during events.

If you experience technical issues during your event, visit or call the OSU-Tulsa Information Center in the North Hall Lobby at 918-594-8000 for assistance.


Distance Learning

  • Limited classrooms equipped for distance learning are available. For more information, contact our Events Manager.

  • OSU-Tulsa does not supply web cameras, so clients must supply and set up their own.

  • OSU-Tulsa does not provide microphones for distance learning. Classrooms do not come equipped with microphones.

  • OSU-Tulsa only supports Skype for Business on its internal computers. If you wish to use a different software, you must bring your own laptop and provide your own support.

  • OSU-Tulsa does not provide Skype accounts for login. If you wish to use Skype, you must have your own accounts.


Safety and Security

OSU-Tulsa has a CLEET-certified police force with officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an emergency, University Police officers will respond and provide guidance. If you experience an emergency while at OSU-Tulsa, call University Police at 918-594-8123.


In the event of a tornado warning, Conference Center guests can take shelter in the B.S. Roberts Room and North Hall 153, 155 or 156. 


Learn more at the OSU-Tulsa Safety website.


For more information on safety and security at OSU-Tulsa:

View OSU-Tulsa's Public Safety Guide and Annual Security Report.


Inclement Weather

In the event that inclement weather warrants a schedule change, information will be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter.


Any decision to close the campus or to cancel classes because of severe weather or other adverse conditions will be made as early as possible. Local news stations will be contacted immediately when a decision is made to close campus or delay opening.


If and when an announcement is made that campus is closed or will open late, the closure or delay will also impact all scheduled events on campus, including Conference Center events, unless otherwise specified. Conference Center groups with affected events will be contacted directly.

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