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Conference Center Rates


Rates listed below are subject to change at any time. Half-day rates are for events lasting four hours or less, including setup and tear down. The OSU-Tulsa Conference Center has limited availability on weekends. Weekend bookings, when available, are full-day, full-price and subject to additional housekeeping fees.


2024 Conference Center Rates

For events taking place after Jan. 1, 2024

Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

Room Full Day Half Day Full Day Nonprofit Half Day Nonprofit
Auditorium $715 $490 $450 $295
B.S. Roberts Room $335 $220 $200 $130
Pete and Pat Bartlett Tulsa Room $285 $190 $175 $125
Bank of Oklahoma Room $285 $190 $175 $125
Flexible Breakout Room $135 $85 $80 $55
Standard Classroom $135 $85 $80 $55
Tiered Classroom $320 $185 $195 $120
North Hall Lobby Table $55 N/A $55 N/A
Main Hall Commons $950 N/A $950 N/A


Parking Lots

Parking Lot Full Lot Half Lot
Lot A $1,000 $500
Lot B $500 N/A
Lot C $500 N/A
Lot D $1,000 $500
Lot E $500 N/A


Helmerich Research Center

The Helmerich Research Center has limited availability and is a restricted-entry facility.

Room Full Day Only
Atrium $1,400 (Day)
$1,700 (after 5 p.m.)
Small Tiered Lecture Hall $325
Large Tiered Lecture Hall $500



Meeting and Event Space Request

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