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OSU Pride Works: Communication & Teamwork

As one of OSU’s core values, community is defined as fostering an environment of communication and teamwork based on shared governance among students, faculty, staff, and administration. In our workforce, we interact and work with other who have various personalities and backgrounds. Working together to achieve common goals requires conflict resolution, effective communication, and teamwork.


This program addresses how to develop those foundational components through self-paced online courses, live/virtual instructor-led courses, and reflection/discussion activities.

This certificate program requires steps to complete, which are listed below.

  1. Complete 2 hours’ worth of LinkedIn Online Courses for Communication & Teamwork
    1. Interpersonal Communication (37 min.)
    2. Communicating Nonverbally (27 min.)
    3. Tips for Better Business Writing (28 min.)
    4. Teamwork Foundations (1 hr. 25 min.)
    5. How to Proactively Manage Conflict as an Employee (26 min.)
    6. Building Trust (60 min.)
  2. Attend two Instructor-led/Virtual Courses
    1. Conflict Resolution (2 hours)
    2. StrengthsFinder (3 hours)
  3. Attend an OSU in Tulsa Staff Conference within a two-year period (either Spring or Fall).
  4. Complete the Communication & Teamwork Certificate Program within one year from attending an instructor-led course.

View progress at any time on your training transcript by going to Hover over the Learning Tab and click on View Your Transcript.

Program Completion - OSU Pride Works: Communication & Teamwork

  • Transcript for the online courses
  • Must have attended the instructor-led sessions (2)
  • Must have a written element (submitted in instructor-led sessions)
  • Record of attending conference
  • Completed within two year
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