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OSU Pride Works:

Health & Wellness

OSU’s dedication to becoming America’s Healthiest Campus is the foundation for many initiatives focused on employee health and wellness. Health and wellness have been shown to have a major impact and improve productivity, culture, retention, morale, and efficiency. Building health and wellness programs into the fabric of employee lives will aid in putting OSU’S core values at the forefront.

The certificate program requires steps to complete, which are listed below.

  1. Instructor-Led Courses
    1. Complete 4 hours total of Sessions offered through the Department of Wellness.
      1. Department of Wellness offers:
        1. 8 one-hour education sessions
        2. 5 thirty-minute Ted Talk Tuesdays
        3. *Weekly thirty-minute Walk & Talk Sessions*
  2. LinkedIn Learning Online Modules; Complete 2 hours’ worth:
    1. Ergonomics 101 – Desk Yogi (35 Minutes)
    2. Sleep is Your Superpower – Nancy H. Rothstein (34 Minutes)
    3. Habits for Becoming Your Most Effective Self – Lucas Aguierre & Madecraft (1 hour, 3 Minutes)
    4. Communicating With Emotional Intelligence – Brenda Bailey Hughes (43 Minutes)
    5. Cultivating a Growth Mindset – Gemma Leigh Roberts (58 Minutes)
  3. Written Component
    1. Define well-being and give an example of what wellness looks like in your workplace.
    2. List three items that you learned from the wellness courses you completed. Explain how you can implement what you learned in the workplace.
    3. In total, OSU-CHS recognizes 5 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Social, and Spiritual. Identify the impact this program has had on your well-being in two of those dimensions.

Program Completion - OSU Pride Works: Health & Wellness

  • Complete 2 hours of online learning modules

  • Complete 4 hours of instructor-led sessions

  • Attend 1 Staff Conference

  • 1 Written Component

  • Completed within 2 years

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