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OSU Pride Works Virtual Certificate Program: Productivity and Time Management

The Productivity and Time Management Certificate Program offers practical methods on how to utilize time to accomplish tasks and achieve goals while maintaining a work-life balance. Learn to differentiate between urgent and important tasks, optimize time, overcome procrastination, reduce stress from managing many responsibilities, and maintain a positive outlook.


The certificate program has different components to accommodate a variety of learning styles. There are online courses to complete at your own pace as well as two virtual courses facilitated by a live instructor: offering an opportunity for discussion and feedback. Moreover, the attendance of an OSU in Tulsa Staff Conference (Spring or Fall) is required in order to complete the certificate program.

Listed below are the steps to complete this certificate

  1. Complete 2 hours’ worth of the LinkedIn online courses below
    1. Finding Your Time Management Style (1 hr., 14 min.)
    2. Time Management Fundamentals (1 hr., 45 min.)
    3. Strategies to Get (and Stay) Unstuck (55 min.)
    4. Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset (59 min.)
  2. Attend two (2) live, virtual courses:
    1. Building Time Management Habits
    2. Manage Habits, Manage Time
  3. Attend an OSU in Tulsa staff conference within a two-year period (either the Spring or Fall Staff Conference)
  4. Complete the Productivity and Time Management certificate program within one year of enrolling.

You can view your progress at any time on your training transcript.

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